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Principal Cornet

Cantium Brass Band Canterbury Kent England Principal Cornet Bridgette Goold

Brassed Off Bridge!

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Solo Cornet

Russell Hall - Solo Cornet - Cantium Brass

Russell Hall

Russell started playing Cornet at the age of eight, while at St Lawrence School in Ramsgate. He was influenced by his Mother and Grandfather who were both Pianists. His earliest childhood memories are from the age of three, standing beside his Mother while she was playing the Piano Accordion to guests at Christmas time.

Russell joined a local Wind Band along with his Sister, Heather; who was already an accomplished Clarinet and Tenor Saxophone player and received tuition under Vic Valentine. His early musical experiences focused on Military Band arrangements and Big Band.

Russell excelled rapidly and by the age of eleven, was playing Solo Cornet for the Ramsgate and Broadstairs Band; a somewhat unorthodox musical organisation but one which thrived on the enthusiasm of its membership and that made music part of a balanced program of activity for children and adults alike. A year later, Russell was made Principal Cornet and stayed with the Ramsgate and Broadstairs Band until the age of fourteen when he joined the Thanet Concert Military Band as Principal Cornet under the direction of Neville Frazer.

Music has always been of tremendous importance to Russell, indeed during his informative years of learning, he was attending rehearsals with three different bands on five evenings a week plus every weekend as well as during school hours. Russell was always supported by his devoted Father Reg, who encouraged him to work hard to achieve his musical goals. When Russell was not actually playing, he would be hooked up to headphones listening to Big Band, Orchestral and Military Music!

Russell is largely self taught and has achieved his current level of competence through 'doing the hours'. He remembers as a child, watching his friends playing Football outside but making the choice to invest his time more wisely in practice, something which he will be encouraging his daughter Olivia to do when she starts to play Cornet this year, (a great shame that work commitments prevent him from this level of practice now a days).

Sadly, when Russell was fifteen, he lost his father and found it so difficult emotionally to continue playing, that he gave up for eight years. On reflection, Russell's emotional link with music has coloured his whole interpretation and has produced a more 'sensitive' player. Not a fan of 'RST' here.

In 1998, Russell decided that he was ready to play again and joined the Kent Concert Band under the direction of John Goold. It was as though he had never put the Cornet down and he was soon sitting next to Bridgette, on the front row.

In 1990, Russell was invited to join the Margate Silver Band which had recently been transformed by the appointment of John Goold as Musical Director. He became closely involved in the administration of the Band and was proud to be appointed Band Treasurer.

Russell has been a key member of both the Margate Silver Band and Cantium Brass and he has contributed towards their many successes from 1990 to the present day. He was part of the Solo Cornet team of Cantium Brass in October 2000 when the Band competed at the London and Southern Counties Brass Band Finals at the Royal Albert Hall and again in September 2001 when the Band competed in the London and Southern Counties Brass Band Finals in Preston. Still today, Russell remains an actiive member of the Band Management Team and was appointed Band Chairman earlier this year, taking over from Dee Wardle who as well as being our tuned percussionist, has now taken over the important role of Band Treasurer.

Russell is one of the founding members of Cantium Brass and has remained loyal to the Band since its creation in 1990. The highlight of Russell's brass band career was participating in the Whit Friday March Contests in Saddleworth in 1999 where the Band secured second place. An entry into the Navigation Inn Book of Legends ensued.



Solo Cornet

Mike West Solo Cornet Player with Cantium Brass, Canterbury, Kent. England UK

Mike West


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Solo Cornet

Tony Dennis - Solo Cornet - Cantium Brass Band

Tony Dennis

Tony’s love of music began to develop at a very young age, possibly influenced by his father, also a music lover. (Indeed, he had played soprano cornet in the Oxford Silver Band when a youth himself). Tony would sometimes listen to his father’s reel to reel tape recordings or the BBC`s Light Programme on the radiogram, listening to Larry Adler and the Mike Sammes Singers `Sing Something Simple`. Tony was further charmed by the jazz sounds of Kid Orey, Chris Barber, Humphrey Littleton, Kenny Ball and Acker Bilk. Being approximately four years of age, Tony could not foresee that one day he would be on the bill with Acker Bilk at the Royal Albert Hall, just one of several of his varied performing visits there.

Tony sang in the school choir, claiming fame with his solo rendering of `Once in Royal David’s City`. He played the recorder until he was ten years of age and a little self taught piano. On one of his regular visits to a favourite aunt, Tony always asked for Eddie Calvert`s `Silenzio` to be played. This tune was both influential and inspirational in directing Tony towards his trumpet playing career.


When Tony entered secondary school he began to play the trumpet there and during this time was introduced to Royal Engineers Warrant Officer Mervin Andrew who became his teacher and mentor. Merv was a great influence on Tony’s appreciation of music and his playing, encouraging Tony over the next five years as Tony worked his way through all the Associated Board grades.


During this time Tony played in the school band which eventually became known as the Highfield Swing Band, conducted by Eric Williams.


In 1978 Tony joined the Medway Towns Band under the direction of Wally Hammond, moving up the back row to repiano cornet before joining the army.


Tony enlisted with The Staff Band of the Royal Engineers Chatham on June 5th 1979 and joined The Junior Musicians Troop Royal Artillery, training with other talented musicians from the Royal Artillery, and the Royal Signals, as well as his own regiment the Royal Engineers under the director of music Warrant Officer Barry Carben.


In the late 80`s and early 90`s Tony took a break from music until encouraged by a close friend (and fellow trumpet player) to return to the music scene.


As well as playing Cornet with Cantium Brass, Tony has played in the championship section with The Medway Towns Band conducted by Melvin White and still currently plays with the 1st Whitstable Scouts Band.



Ian Marshall - Cornet

Ian Marshall

I began play at the age of 7, having been raised in the Salvation Army at Folkestone and become a Junior Soldier the natural progression was to join the Young People's Band so I learn't to play cornet. After 2 years of "lessons" with numerous members of the Senior Band I was finally allowed to play with the YP Band and joined the back row cornets. As time went on and number dwindled I found myself promoted to the solo cornet seat where I stayed until I moved on to the senior band at the ripe old age of 14. I continued playing cornet for a number of years with the senior band, eventually becoming principal cornet but whilst doing this I maintained contact with the YP Band, eventually becoming the YP Band Leader. This led to me getting a feel for conducting as well as playing and I occasionally found myself out in front of both the senior band and the songsters. Some people even noticed I could sing as well as play!!

About 12 years ago I took a change in direction and left the Salvation Army and found myself playing with Cantium Brass on the back row cornet bench. Having never been involved in banding outside the SA before, I found this exciting, challenging & very enjoyable. It was with Cantium that I had my first experience of contesting, a highlight of which was reaching the National Finals in 2000 & 2001. I also had my first taste of Whit Friday contests, which whilst one of the most tiring days playing I have ever done, was also one of the most memorable ones!!....and one I would love to experience again!

I continued playing cornet until that fateful rehearsal where I offered to stand in for the non-existent horn players and subsequently found myself suddenly moved onto the horn section where I stayed for the remainder of my time with Cantium until 2007 when I decided I needed a change.

In 2007 I joined Betteshanger on the horn section, playing a combination of Solo & 1st horn as required. I also took on the responsibility of assistant conductor, standing in for the MD during rehearsals and the odd concert or two and thoroughly enjoyed my time out the front. As time went on I moved around the band a bit, moving from horn back to cornet, finding myself on the front row until a new MD took over and I once again found myself on the back row and for 3 months I found myself on baritone because the cornet section was so big!! Although eventually returning to cornet until I left in 2010 when I took time out to decide where I wanted to go with my playing, so I depped for Tilbury on 2nd horn when they played at Folkestone bandstand and once again made contact with Bridgette Goold & Cantium Brass where I spent the rest of the year depping when I could on tenor horn. Finally making the decision in January of this year (2011) to return to Cantium full time on the tenor horn section, although I have managed to give the cornet a dusting a couple of time to the amazement of some!!!

Although having left the Salvation Army a number of years ago, the music I played and still hear remains with me, along with the basics of "if you can play a hymn tune well then everything else falls into place". My favourite piece is Eric Ball's "Kingdom Triumphant", a Salvation Army classic, some would say. Other than that I love any band music with a good melody which makes the hairs on your neck stand up, with Vitae Lux, Crimond & A Little Prayer being just some of them.



Repiano Cornet

Cantium Brass Band, Canterbury Kent UK Repiano Cornet Player James Pooley

James Pooley

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Amy Allebone-Salt Cantium Brass Band, Kent

Amy Allebone-Salt


Amy started off on cornet aged eight before progressing to the trumpet; she played with school groups, local rock groups, and the Kent County Youth Orchestra.

She is now studying at Warwick University where she is heavily involved in the music scene, playing with the Symphony Orchestra and Brass society.

Amy is still an active member of Cantium Brass and performs regularly with the band during the holidays.

Earlier this year, Amy introduced her sister Phoebe to the band and was a welcomed addition to the Horn section.

Both Amy and Phoebe have very supportive parents and the band are extremely thankkful to Sue, for all the support she has given the band during 2011.



2nd Cornet

Cantium Brass Canterbury Kent UK Cornet Player Harry Yarnell

Harry Yarnell

At the age of 8 whilst a pupil at River Primary School in Dover I was very interested that Music for Schools would be attending the school in order for pupils to try out any instruments they had on offer with a view to learning to play on regular bases.  After attending this meeting I decided that I wanted to take up playing the cornet/trumpet and promised my parents that I would be committed and practice everyday. Having no previous music experience this was a huge challenge that I welcomed and quickly learnt the basics to play my first tune Hot Cross Buns. After having tuition for a year I was entered in for my first grade and passed with flying colours. 

Whilst still studying at River Primary School during the Christmas period I was out shopping with my parents and heard Christmas carols being played by brass instruments.  On searching out the band I discovered they were being played by a selection of players from Bettshanger Brass Band.  We stopped and listened to the band playing and during a break from playing along with my parents we got chatting to one of the band members and I was invited along to join the Bettshanger Academy Band. I then played in the academy on 1st cornet for a couple of years, until I moved to tenor horn for a year before leaving the Academy Band due to other commitments.

When I moved from River Primary to Dover Grammar School for Boys, I had tuition from Keith Davies, who is the Bettshanger Brass Band Flugelhorn player. I have been under his tuition ever since and during this time I have entered for various grades and recently I have passed my Grade 6 with merit. With Keith’s connections with the band I was honoured to be asked to join the Bettshanger Brass Band in September 2011.  I currently play 2nd cornet.  Being in the band I am given a great deal of encouragement and opportunities to improve my playing ability and confidence.  I have played at many different venues with the band and each year I look forward to the annual Christmas Concert held at Dover Town Hall.

Other than playing 2nd cornet with Cantium Brass Band, my other music connections are; The Grammar Schools Band on 1st Cornet, St Edmunds Community Wind Band 1st Cornet and Folkestone & Hythe Sea Cadets Band on Cornet, Bugle and Drums.

Being part of the above organisations gives me experience for my long term aim to join the Royal Marines Band Service where I am currently going through the application process.

When I am not playing music I like to spend time playing rugby and football. I am currently at the rank of Lance Corporal with the Royal Marines Cadets in Folkestone and at the Dover Boys Grammar School Army Cadet Unit. I enjoy spending quality time with my friends and family who are very supportive with my musical commitments and both give me lots of encouragement to achieve my goal of playing with the Royal Marines Band Service.



2nd/3rd Cornet Vacancy

We currently have a vacancy for a 2nd & 3rd Cornet.


To apply for the above position, please email the Band Manager using the following email address -


All applications will be treated in the strickest of confidence.





Solo Horn (Vacany)



We have an immediate vacancy for a Solo Horn Player as our current player wishes to rejoin the cornet section.


To apply for the above position, please email the Band Manager using the following email address -


All applications will be treated in the strickest of confidence.




1st Horn

Phoebe Allebone-Salt Cantium Brass Band Kent

Phoebe Allebone-Salt

Phoebe joined Cantium Brass at the beginning of the year, not long after her sister Amy joined on Repiano cornet.

She initially started learning tenor horn at primary school, until she had long enough arms to change to the French horn! She’s been an active player ever since, performing regularly with school and local orchestras and bands.

She is currently working towards grade 8 and recently successfully auditioned for the Kent County Youth Orchestra.

Phoebe has proven to be a real asset to the band and has brought an entirely new dimension to the art of Brass Band Horn Playing!



1st Horn

Cantium Brass Band Canterbury Kent England 1st Horn Player Chris Norris

Chris Norris

Chris started playing the Trumpet at the age of 11 and, in his own words "has been at it for over 40 years".

At 15, he joined the Army in HM Life Guards Band and went to Pirbright Guards Depot as a Junior Musician. At 5 foot tall, Blond Hair, Blue Eyes, an Unbroken Voice and speaking with a Lisp, life was never going to be easy in this "mans world". This was particularly evident in a concert to the whole of the Guards Depot the following year. As the Band played "Sea Shantys", Chris was forced to dress as the Cabin Boy and sing the Soprano Solo! He quickly learnt to sleep with his back to the wall!!

In 1971, Chris attended Kneller Hall Army School of Music for a year and then joined the main band where he carried out the normal calendar of State and Civil engagements. He also became part of the Ceremonial Trumpeters Team and has a particularly happy memory of typical inept Army organisational skills at the Colchester Spotlight Tattoo. Picture the scene: - An arena packed with over 1000 participants of the Tattoo, 8 Mounted Trumpeters and 2 Drum Horses. The opening Fanfare was played and, as the last note died away, there was a sudden fly-past of 3 Harrier Jets of which the Trumpeters had been given no prior warning about! The horses and riders shot off in all directions like the charge of the Light Brigade, with people being trampled under the hooves, the arena now looking like the final moments of Custer's Last Stand

Chris also played the Saxophone when in the Mounted Band so had to learn to steer his horse with his knees as both hands were needed to play.

He left the forces in 1975 and was a founder member of Kent Police Band in 1977 with whom he still plays today.

Over the years, he has had the opportunity to play a number of instruments before realising he can do the least damage on Tenor Horn! This is the instrument Chris has settled on and has had the privilege of playing in numerous Brass Bands across the Southeast of England over the years.



2nd Horn

sara ward - 2nd Horn - Cantium Brass Band Kent

Sara Ward

Sara started playing the tenor horn at Freethorpe primary school (in Norfolk), when she was seven. The Headmaster was the conductor of the local brass band and gave free music lessons to any children who wanted to play in the band. Sara continued to have lessons at high school and sixth form college and achieved grade 8 in April 2009. Sara has played for Broadland Brass Band for ten years, starting on 2nd horn, then 1st and eventually solo horn. Since starting at Canterbury Christ Church University (studying Geography) in September 2009, Sara has played 1st/2nd horn with Cantium Brass. She also plays in the University Wind Band.




2nd Horn

Cantium Brass Canterbury Kent UK Tenor Horn Player Karen Pooley

Karen Pooley

Awaiting Players Profile




Solo Euphonium (Vacancy)

We currently have a vacancy for a Solo Euphonium player


To apply for the above position, please email the Band Manager using the following email address -


All applications will be treated in the strickest of confidence.





Gemma Bennett - Baritone - Cantium Brass Band

Gemma Bennett

Gemma’s introduction to Brass was at the age of 11 during her first term at Woodford Lodge High School, Winsford, Cheshire. After trying a Cornet and Euphonium, she was selected a Bb Baritone from the schools instrument store. By Christmas she was still showing interest so her Parents decided to purchase a better quality instrument which proved a lot easier to play and no more dodgy valves!

She started playing in the School Wind Band and also joined the junior band for Lions Youth Brass, based in Crewe. When she became a more accomplished player she moved up to the main Lions Youth Brass and spent an enjoyable few years playing 2nd Baritone, later to become their 1st Baritone player. During this time, the Band became National Youth Champions in 1994 and again in 1995. This lead to a number of South Coast Tours, one of which was the seaside town of Margate! from which Cantium derives its former title “Margate Silver Band”.

At the age of 15, she started playing for the North West Championship Section Band, Roberts Bakery and juggled playing for two bands whilst still studying at school until she went away to York University to study chemistry.

At York, banding took a back seat to studying and social life. After graduating in 1999, she secured a job in Sandwich and after settling into life in Kent, found Cantium Brass on the web. She has been playing with them ever since.




Howard Fox - Baritone - Cantium Brass Band


Howard Fox

Howard was born into a Salvation Army family in Minster, Thanet. His Grandfather was the retired Bandmaster and his father played EEb Bass. He began playing at a very early age and was taught to play the Tenor Horn as part of a small learners group aged 6 - 7. He later progressed into the senior band and became their Solo Horn player. Eventually a young peoples band was formed, and Howard being a very versatile musician, helped out on EEb bass.

Howard left the Salvation Army at the age of 21, and didn't play again until he joined The Kent Police Band which was formed some 20 odd years later. He joined the Police Band on BBb Bass and continued playing the instrument for 2 - 3 years. He later moved onto 2nd horn, followed by a time on 1st baritone when he eventually settled on Euphonium and has been the Kent Police Bands 1st Euphonium for the past 23 years.

Howard helps out several other bands in the area, joining Cantium Brass early in 2009. He is a very dedicated member of the band and it is an absolute pleasure to have him as part of the team.



1st Trombone

Nigel Weeden - 1st Trombone - cantium Brass Band

Nigel Weeden

Nigel started learning to play the tenor trombone aged 12 at Walmer School, Deal taught by musicians from the former RM School of Music. The enthusiasm of Walmer School music teacher Ian Giles and the RM musicians soon encouraged him to become involved in music groups outside of the school, initially joining Betteshanger Band learners. Nigel was then taught by brass teacher Syd Rose who started taking him through the music grades eventually reaching grade 8.

Now after nearly 40 years of trombone playing the number of groups and bands he has been involved with are quite a few, some of the earlier ones including:Walmer School Band; Betteshanger Band; The Kent Music School Concert Band; Dane Court Concert Band; The Workers’ Music Association summer school at Wortley Hall; The Kent Music Society Concert Band; The University of Kent Orchestra.

In the early 1980’s Nigel became involved in the work of the Folkestone branch of the Musicians’ Union eventually joining the committee. It was partly this association which together with local clarinettist Alan Major and eventually with professional keyboard player Pete Brown which caused the Shepway Swing Band to be formed in Folkestone. Nigel has had the pleasure several times of playing with trombonist Don Lusher and also trumpeter Kenny Baker and to this day has an interest in the UK Big Band movement and Big Band music arranging.

It was in the mid 1980’s that Nigel became involved in the East Kent Concert Band run by John Goold. In 1990 Nigel moved to Doncaster for five years, only being involved in small group work at this time. He moved back to Kent in 1995 and was playing for BBb Bass for Betteshanger Band for a few years. Nigel took a six year playing break while his children were younger then in 2003 after moving house decided it was time to dust the trombone off again joing Cantium Brass, where he has been since.



2nd Trombone (Vacancy)


We currently have a vacancy for a 2nd Trombone Player.


To apply for the above position, please email the Band Manager using the following email address -


All applications will be treated in the strickest of confidence.



Bass Trombone

Aln (Titch) Howard Bass Trombone with Cantium Brass Band Canterbury Kent England UK

Alan (Titch) Howard

Alan (know as Titch to his friends) became interested in music from a very early age and joined the Southend Salvation Army Band playing the Cornet. Three years later, he transferred to the Eb Tenor Horn and moved on to the Euphonium in latter years.

At 14 1/2 he enlisted in the Royal Marines School of Music, Deal, where he studied Trombone. After leaving Deal he was posted to the Plymouth Band H.M.S.Drake and then posted to the aircraft carrier H.M.S. Centaur. After leaving the Royal Marines, Alan re-enlisted into the Alamein Staff Band serving in Germany and various other countries.

It was in 1972 that Alan finally gave up his music and transferred to the Corps of Drums 1st Bn Grenandier Guards as Drum Corporal. A short tour of active duty was followed by public duties, this time in London. During his public duties in London, Alan was invited by the Director of Music, Major Peter Parkes, to join the Band of the Grenadier Guards where he served until his retirement.

Alan originally joined Cantium back in the late 90’s but had to give up due to increase work commitments. After a short spell with the Snowdown Colliery Welfare Band , Titch finally returned to Cantium in July 2012 where he is extremely happy to be playing with the band once again. Titch has provided the band with a number of his own Brass Band arrangements over the years and we are extremely pleased to have him back in the team. He is also a member of the Royal Marines Association Concert Band based based in Portsmouth, where he also plays Bass Trombone.




EEb Bass

Chris Cutting EEb Bass Player with Cantium Brass Band Canterbury Kent, England UK

Chris Cutting -




EEb Bass (Vacancy)


We currently have a vacancy for a EEb Bass Player.


To apply for the above position, please email the Band Manager using the following email address -


All applications will be treated in the strickest of confidence



BBb Bass

Roland Marshall EEb & BBb Bass player with Cantium Brass Band Canterbury, Kent. England. UK

Roland Marshall

Roland Marshall started playing trombone at the age of 10 and was, from 1977, a member of the Godalming Town band in Surrey. At around 16 he switched to tuba and soon joined both the the county youth and wind orchestras for several years. Around the same time he began a long career as an orchestral player which continues to this day. He was for 4 years principal tuba with the Ernest Read Symphony Orchestra appearing many times at the Southbank and Barbican Halls. For many years he was a member of Runnymede Brass under the direction of David Lancaster, moving from 4th to 1st sections in just a few years, and at the same time starting as a conductor in his own right. Since then he has continued playing in bands and orchestras as well as appearing as a soloist, and has played with Cantium since 2004.


His own personal musical taste is very wide ranging with in the classical area a particular affinity for the music of Vaughan Williams, Strauss, Bruckner, and also Elgar (whose music he selected as specialist subject when appearing as a contestant on Mastermind a few years ago) However, he is also a huge enthusiast for the music of Gilbert Vinter in the brass band repertoire, and is a fan of Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Genesis and many others. He lives in Broadstairs and is currently studying for an MA in English at the University of Kent.




BBb Bass Vacancy

We currently have a vacancy for a BBb Bass.


To apply for the above position, please email the Band Manager using the following email address -


All applications will be treated in the strickest of confidence.



Percussion (Kit)

Gareth Rowe - Kit - Cantium Brass Band

Gareth Rowe

Profile Not Yet Available




Edwin Wong - Percussion with Cantium Brass Band Canterbury Kent

Edwin Wong

Edwin comes from Ma Wan, Hong Hong and is currently studying at Sir Roger Manwoods School in Sandwich Kent. He was introduced to the band a few weeks back by fellow student Horn player Phoebe Allebone-Salt.

As well as being a profient Percussionist, Edwin also plays violin in the school orchestra and is a keen amateur photographer. I am sure Edwin will provide us with his own biography in the coming weeks!



Percussion (Tuned)

Dee Wardle - Tuned Percussion - Cantium Brass Band

Dee Wardle

Dee is a true Southerner, born and bred in Kent. Her inspiration for music came from her Mother who taught her to play the piano. For some reason, Dee lost interest in music in her teens! Dee helped instigate or should I say encourage her husband Alan back to banding. I think she struck up some kind of deal along the lines “you play, I’ll drive”

Dee was our dear “Tea Lady” but this title was short lived! We needed a Tuned Percussionist and Dee was eventually dragged out of the kitchen by John and fitted up with a pair of sticks!

Dee has also enjoyed working with the Brownies for the past 24 years and has a passion for sugar craft and reading.